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Soldier Family Readiness
Soldier Family Readiness Support (SFRS) is a combination of the merged Family Assistance  Specialist (FAS) program and Family Readiness Support Assistance (FRSA) program to  provide comprehensive support for Service Members. SFRS regions throughout Nebraska  help to provide essential services to all Service Members and their families.

Support the Warrior and Family Support office in utilizing community resources to provide coordinated Readiness Support to Service Members and their families across Nebraska.
Our Goals

All of our Soldier and Family Readiness Specialists, (SFRS) provide resources to service members and families of all branches of the military, whether they be Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, and retirees.

In addition to the “Essential Services” of:

  • Crisis Intervention, Information, and Referral
  • Legal Resources, Information, and Referral
  • Financial Resources, Information, and Referral
  • Tricare Information
  • ID Cards and DEERS Information and Referral
  • Community Resources, Information, and Referral
  • Work with Commanders to develop Family Readiness Groups
Programs in Development
By helping families become more knowledgeable and self-reliant, reducing stress and encouraging Soldier and Family readiness, SFRSs offer an opportunity for families to contribute to the well-being, morale and spirit of their unit. This further helps Guardsmen and their cope with common issues and challenges presented with a military lifestyle.

SFRSs are divided into six regions throughout Nebraska, with the Lead SFRS being posted in Lincoln. SFRS are available to provide assistance and training on demand.

If you have difficulties determining which SFRS will service you directly, please call the Lead at (402) 309-7333.

Lead Soldier Family Readiness Specialist
Jim Chastain
(W) 402-309-7333

Region Contacts:
1. Mathew Wagner                       
2. Michaela Wesley                       

3. Nicole Pokorney                       

4. Carey Wilson

5. Paul Kennedy

6. Scott Halsted
    North Platte