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Financial Readiness Program
Office of Financial Readiness: Financially Secure, Mission ReadyThe Office of Financial Readiness Program offers Personal Financial Counselors (PFCs) to help you and your family manage finances, resolve financial problems and reach long-term goals such as getting an education, buying a home and planning for retirement. 

Support and Counseling Services
•    Confidential financial consultations for individuals and families
•    Referrals to military and community resources
•    Support for service and family members during all stages of the deployment cycle
•    Help with credit management and budgeting
•    Assistance with navigating benefits
•    Advocacy information and support

Training and Workshops
•    Financial Planning for Deployment
•    Developing Your Spending Plan
•    Retirement Planning
•    Life After Deployment
•    Saving and Investing
•    Managing Credit and Debt
•    Stretching Your Money
•    Military Benefits, Pay and Entitlements
•    Strategies for Home Buying
•    Thrift Savings Plan {TSP)
•    Tax Preparation
•    Blended Retirement System (BRS)

Personal Financial Counseling services are no cost, private and confidential.
Drew Kramer, CFP® 
Personal Financial Counselor
☎ Office: 402.890.1950
Email: pfc.lincoln@magellanfederal.com

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