Nebraska Army National Guard
The Nebraska Army National Guard consists of the Nebraska Army National Guard Joint Force Headquarters, 92nd Troop Command, 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade and 209th Regiment (Regional Training Institute). 
Army Joint Force Headquarters

Joint Force Headquarters
111th Public Affairs Detachment
105th Military History Team
1969th Contingency Contracting Team
Detachment 1, 429th Judge Advocate Trial Defense Team

Defensive Cyber Operations Element
USPFO Warehouse
Nebraska Medical Readiness Detachment
92nd Troop Command

92nd Troop Command
72nd Civil Support Team*

1-134th Cavalry Squadron (IBCT)
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron
Troop A, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron
Troop B, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron
Troop C, 1-134th Cavalry Squadron
Company D, 39th Brigade Support Battalion (Cavalry Forward Support Company)
Detachment 3, Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 1-206th Field Artillery

2-134th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2-134th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
Company A, 2-134th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
Company B, 2-134th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
Company D, 2-134th Infantry Battalion (Airborne)
Company I, 700th Brigade Support Battalion

1-376th Aviation Battalion (S&S)
Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 1-376th Aviation Battalion (S&S)
Company A, 1-376th Aviation Regiment (S&S)
Company D, 1-376th Aviation Regiment (S&S)
Company B, 2-135th Aviation Regiment (S&S)
Detachment 1, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2-135th General Support Aviation Regiment
Company G, 2-104th General Support Aviation Battalion
Detachment 1, Company A, 2-641st Aviation Regiment 
43rd Operational Support Airlift Detachment
Detachment 4, Company B, 640th Support Battalion

*Joint Unit Includes Nebraska Soldiers and Airmen
67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade

67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Headquarters Support Company, 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
234th Brigade Signal Company

402nd Military Police Battalion
1057th Military Police Company
192nd Military Police Detachment

128th Engineer Battalion
Headquarters & Headquarters Company, 128th Engineer Battalion
Forward Support Company, 128th Engineer Battalion
623rd Engineer Company
755th Fire Fighting Headquarters
181st Tactical Firefighting Team
281st Tactical Firefighting Team
317th Tactical Firefighting Team
617th Tactical Firefighting Team

126th Chemical Battalion
43rd Army Band
179th Cyber Protection Team

734th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion
189th Transportation Company
1075th Transportation Company
267th Support Maintenance Company
901st Quartermasters Field Feeding Platoon
209th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)

209th Regiment (Regional Training Institute)
1st Battalion, Noncommissioned Officer Academy
2nd Battalion, Officer Candidate School/Warrant Officer Candidate School
3rd Battalion, Transportation Schoolhouse

Training Center Command
Nebraska Recruiting and Retention Battalion

Nebraska Recruiting and Retention Battalion
Detachment 1, Recruiting and Retention Battalion “Company A Recruit Sustainment Program,” Ashland 
Detachment 2, Recruiting and Retention Battalion “Company B Recruit Sustainment Program,” Scottsbluff
Detachment 3, Recruiting and Retention Battalion “Company C Recruit Sustainment Program,” Norfolk
Detachment 4, Recruiting and Retention Battalion “Company D Recruit Sustainment Program,” Kearney
Detachment 5, Recruiting and Retention Battalion “Company E Recruit Sustainment Program,” Lincoln