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Employment Information
Welcome to the Nebraska National Guard technician force. Here you will find resources to help you begin your in-processing. This site provides essential information, forms, contacts and reference materials to help you start a great career.
Know Before You Start

As a newly appointed employee you are required to attend a one day New Employee Processing on the first Wednesday after you report. There are several forms that you will need to complete before you arrive. All technicians will need to bring with them:

  • Any DD 214 / service academy transcripts that they would like to use for Service Computation Dates (this will affect how much leave you earn).
  • Two forms of ID (a current passport will count for both):
    1. Identity card (Driver's License/DoD CAC)
    2. Employment Authorization card (SSN card)
To schedule your New Employee Processing, please contact
Miss Camille Dorn
Human Resources Specialist
Employee Benefits
☎ Office: 402.309.8190
Email: camille.dorn@us.af.mil
Supervisors Role
Your supervisor will be notified of the in-processing date and time via email. New Employee Processing is held the Wednesday after a new pay period in the Human Resource conference room unless told otherwise. Make sure you report on time.