Substance Abuse

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(Option 5)

The Nebraska Army National Guard Substance Abuse Program (SAP) is designed to provide a continuum of substance abuse services to include: prevention, assessment, and brief intervention services to Soldiers in order to achieve and maintain Soldier Readiness.



                   Mr. Shawn Humphrey                                                                                   Mr. Rick Moses
        Risk Reduction Coordinator (RRC)                                                                  Prevention Coordinator
                        402-309-7325                                                                                            402-309-7755
        shawn.m.humphrey4.ctr@mail.mil                                                                 ricky.l.moses.ctr@mail.mil

I challenge you to become advocates for a society in which addiction is recogn​​ized as atreatable disease, and people who are ​addicted, in recovery, and at risk are valued and treated with dignity.

- Susanne R. Rohrer, RN, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, Rockville, Maryland ​​​​​​
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