Traditional/M-day Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​

Command Sergeant Major402nd MP BN, NORC, Omaha, Nebraska MSG/1SG (E8) – SGM/CSM (E9)22-PSXAA-200Open Link7/15/2022
Ammunition Logistics SergeantHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE89B, SGT/E5 - SFC/E722-P4MAA-1226Open Link7/21/2022
Senior Geospatial Engineer SergeantHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE12Y, SPC/E4 - SSG/E622-P4MAA-1087Open Link7/21/2022
Senior Supply SergeantHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE92Y, SGT/E5 - SFC/E722-P4MAA-1192Open Link7/21/2022
Water Treatment NCOHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE92W, PFC/E3 - SGT/E522-P4MAA-1044Open Link7/21/2022
Command Sergeant Major402nd MP BN, Omaha (NORC), NEMSG/1SG (E8) – SGM/CSM (E9)22-PSXAA-200 Open Link7/22/2022
Operations SergeantHSC 67th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade, Lincoln, NE13Z, SSG/E6 – MSG/E822-P4MAA-1165Open Link8/8/2022
Aircraft Maintenance Officer (Traditional)155 MAINTENANCE GROUP – LINCOLN, NEBRASKAComm Opp-MAJ (O-4)155MG-21A Open Link8/10/2022Commissioning Opportunity
Construction/Equipment NCO623rd Engineer Company, Wahoo, NE91L, SPC/E4 - SGT/E522-X2ZAA-1108Open Link8/15/2022
Equipment Records Parts NCO623rd Engineer Company, Wahoo, NE92A, SPC/E4 - SGT/E522-X2ZAA-1109Open Link8/15/2022
Command Sergeant Major126th Chemical Battalion, Omaha (SORC), NE74D6M  MSG/1SG (E8) – SGM/CSM 74D6M  MSG/1SG (E8) – SGM/CSM (E9)Open Link8/19/2022
First Sergeant189th Transportation Company, Norfolk, NE88Z5M  SFC (E7) – MSG/1SG (E8) 22-PV7AA-100Open Link8/19/2022
First SergeantTraining Center Command DET 1, Hastings, NE00F5M  SFC (E7) – MSG/1SG (E8)22-92AA1-100Open Link8/19/2022
Tracked Veh Recovery OprFSC, 128th EN BN, Hastings, NE91H, SPC/E4 - SGT/E522-P3ZA0-2074Open Link8/31/2022
Intelligence Officer 170th OSS, Offutt AFB, NEO-1-O-4, This is a commissioni170-OSS-001Open Link9/5/2022
Cyberspace Officer (Traditional)155th Communications Flight, Lincoln, NEO-1-O-3, This is a commissioni22-001-155 CF-17DXOpen Link9/17/2022
Electromagnetic Spectrum NCOHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE25E, SPC/E4 - SSG/E622-P4MAA-1176Open Link11/1/2022
Material Management NCOHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE92A, SGT/E5 - SFC/E722-P4MAA-1227Open Link11/1/2022
Mortuary Affairs SergeantHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE92M, PFC/E3 - SGT/E522-P4MAA-1229Open Link11/1/2022
Petroleum Heavy Vehicle OperatorHSC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE92F, PFC/E3 - SGT/E522-P4MAA-1043Open Link11/1/2022
 Section LeaderA Co, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Yutan, NE11C, SGT/E5 - SSG/E622-PWRA0-2091Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Advanced Practive Registered Nurse (APRN)NEANG, Lincoln NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5APRN FY20Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Assistant Ops NCO (two positions) HHC, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Lincoln, NE11B, SPC/E4 - SGT/E522-PWRT0-10310Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Construction Engineering SupvA Co, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Yutan, NE12H, SGT/E5 – SSG/E622-PWRA0-12H3Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled**this position is for mob
Electronic Warfare SergeantHHC, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Lincoln, NE17E, SPC/E4 – SGT/E522-PWRT0-1042Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Emergency Medicine Physician AssistantNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5Emergency Med Phy Asst FY20Open LInk12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Emergency Services PhysicianNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5Emergency Services PhyOpen LInk12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Equal Opportunity Specialist155 ARW, Lincoln, NESSgt – TSgt155ARW-EOSOpen Link12/31/2022Open LInkAMENDED\Open Until Filled
Fire Combat Engineer (2 positions)A Co, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Yutan, NE12B, SPC/E4 – SGT/E522-PWRA0-12B2Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled**this position is for mob
Fire Support NCOA Co, 2-134 IN BN (ABN), Yutan, NE13F, SPC/E4 – SGT/E522-PWRA0-13F2Open Link12/31/2022Open Untiil Filled**this position is for mob
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