Traditional/M-day Positions

Contact Information:
Full Name Business Phone Fax Number
CSM Larry Martin 402-309-8148 402-309-7147​​

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for futher detail.​​​​​​​​​

Command Sergeant Major126th Chemical Battalion; Omaha, NEMSG - SGMCBH-19-200 Open Link6/10/2019
Command Sergeant Major1-134th CAV; Yutan, NEMSG - SGMRS1-19-200Open Link6/10/2019
ASST OPERATIONS SGTMain Cmd Post Op Detach (MCPOD), Lincoln, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E519-PDYAA-1172Open Link6/20/2019
Cable Sys Team ChiefMain Cmd Post Op Detach (MCPOD), Lincoln, NE SPC/E4-SSG/E619-PDYAA-1221Open Link6/20/2019
Culinary NCO1075th TC, North Platte, NESPC/E4-SGT/E519-PTQAA-1015Open Link6/20/2019
Public Affairs SGTMain Cmd Post Op Detach (MCPOD), Lincoln, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E519-PDYAA-1042Open Link6/20/2019
ASST OPS SGTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-719-P4MAA-1104 Open Link6/25/2019
CIVIL AFFAIRS SERGEANTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-719-P4MAA-1058 Open Link6/25/2019
ELECTRO SPECTRUM NCOHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-619-P4MAA-11513 Open Link6/25/2019
Infrastructure SPTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-619-P4MAA-11512 Open Link6/25/2019
SR Infrastructure SPTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-719-P4MAA-1158 Open Link6/25/2019
Security Forces Officer155 SFS, Lincoln, NE155SFS-FY2019Open LInk7/15/2019WORLDWIDE VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT
Intelligence Officer155 Operations Support SquadronCommission Opportunity O1-O4155OSS-FY2019Open Link8/2/2019
Behavioral Health NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG - E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1091Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
BEHAVIORAL HLTH NCOHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NEPFC/E3 - SGT/E519-P4MAA-1177Open LInk12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Contracting NCOJFHQ, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SSG/E-619-Y4NAA-1014 Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
DENTAL NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG-E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1192Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Electronic Warfare Sergeant HHC, 128th EN BN, Columbus, NESPC/E4 - SSG/E619-P3ZT0-1045Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
EW SERGEANT HHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESPC/E4 - SSG/E619-P4MAA-1128Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
FIRE SUPPORT NCOMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESGT/E5-SFC/E719- PDYAA-1151Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
GEOSPATIAL ENGR SGTHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NE (2 positions)PFC/E3 - SGT/E519-P4MAA-1107Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
MED LOG SGTHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE7/SFC- E8/MSG19-TXKAA-1064Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
OPS NCOHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E719-P4MAA-1119Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
OPS SERGEANTHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 - MSG/E819-P4MAA-1125Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
OPS SGTHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG-E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1193Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
PLANS SGTHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG-E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1075Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
PREVENTIVE MED NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE5/SGT-E6/SSG19-TXKAA- 1201Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
SR ENG NCOMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESSG/E6-MSG/E8 19- PDYAA-1101Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
SR MED LAB NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG-E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1183Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
SR OPTICAL LAB NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG-E7/SFC19-TXKAA- 1182Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled