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Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​

WATER TREATMENT SUPVHHC 734th CSSB, Kearney, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E720-PEMAA-10812Open Link7/6/2020
Platoon Sergeant267th Maintenance Company (SMC), Lincoln, NESSG/E-6 - SFC/E-720-PSGAA-1042Open Link7/24/2020
First SergeantCompany B, 2-135TH GSAB, Grand Island, NE SFC (E7) - MSG/1SG (E8)20-NGDG2-100 Open Link7/27/2020
First Sergeant189TH Transportation Company, Norfolk, NE SFC (E7) - MSG/1SG (E8)20-PV7AA-100 Open Link7/27/2020
Personnel/Administrative PositionsJoint Force Headquarters, Nebraska Air National Guard, Lincoln NE,SSgt/E-5 up to CMSgt/E-9CSS_Personnel Joint AnnouncementOpen LInk7/31/2020
A2C2 SGTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E720-P4MAA-1064Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Advanced Practice Registered NurseLincoln, NE 155th MDG  O-1/0-520-155MDG-05           Open Link12/31/2020Open until filled  
Ammo Logistics SGTHHC 734th CSSB, Kearney, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-720-PEMAA-1088Open Link12/31/2020
ASAS Master AnalystHHC 1-376th AVN, Grand Island, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-620-P7RT0-1033Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
CIVIL AFFAIRS SGTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E720-P4MAA-1058Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Contracting NCO1969th Acquisition Team, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SSG/E-620-Y4NAA-1014Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Elec Warfare NCOHHD 126th CM BN, Omaha, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-620-PREAA-1043Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Electromagnetic Spectrum NCOHHT 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-620-PZDT0-1093Open Link12/31/2020
Electronic Warfare NCOHHT 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESPC/E-4 - SSG/E-620-PZDT0-1041Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Electronic Warfare NCOHHT 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESPC/E-4 - SGT/E-520-PZDT0-1042Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Emergency Medicine Physician AssistantLincoln, NE 155th MDG  O-1/0-520-155MDG-03           Open Link12/31/2020Open until filled   
Emergency Services PhysicianLincoln, NE 155th MDGO-1/0-520-155MDG-01         Open Link12/31/2020Open until filled 
Infrastructure SupportHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESSG/E-6 - SSG/E-620-P4MAA-11612Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Medical Logistics NCONE Medical Detachment, Lincoln, NESPC/E-4 - SGT/E-520-8ZKAA-1026Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Nodal Net Sys Opr-Mnt234th BSC, Lincoln, NESPC/E-4 - SGT/E-520-PLDAA-1061Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Operations SGTHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-720-P4MAA-1155Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Operations SGTHHC 128th EN BN, Columbus, NESFC/E-7 - MSG/E-820-P3ZT0-1056Open LInk12/31/2020
Physician AssistantLincoln, NE 155th MDG  O-1/0-520-155MDG-02         Open Link12/31/2020Open until filled 
QM/Chem Equip RepA Co, 1-376th AVN, Lincoln, NEPFC/E-3 - SGT/E-520-P7RA0-2044Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Residency Trained Flight SurgeonLincoln, NE 155th MDG  O-1/0-520-155MDG-04           Open Link12/31/2020Open until filled  
Section LeaderA Troop, 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Hastings, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-720-PZDA0-2021Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Section LeaderB Troop, 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESGT/E-5 - SFC/E-720-PZDB0-2021Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
State Air Surgeon OfficerJFHQ, NEANG, Lincoln, NE05-06JFHQ-SASOOpen Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
Stryker Sys Mech267th Maintenance Co (SMC), Lincoln, NESPC/E-4 - SGT/E-520-PSGAA-1056Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
TAC PWR GEN SPECCo A, 128th EN BN (FSC), Hastings, NEPFC/E-3 - SGT/E-520-P3ZA0-2074Open Link12/31/2020Open Until Filled
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