Traditional/M-day Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​

Command Sergeant Major126th Chemical Battalion, Omaha (SORC), NE74D6M  MSG/1SG (E8) – SGM/CSM 22-PREAA-201Open Link11/29/2022Open Until 29 Nov 22
First Sergeant1-134 CAV / D Forward Support Company (FSC), Yutan, NE91Z5M  SFC (E7) – MSG/1SG (E8)22-QNYD0-101Open Link12/22/2022
Advanced Practive Registered Nurse (APRN)NEANG, Lincoln NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5APRN FY20Open Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Emergency Medicine Physician AssistantNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5Emergency Med Phy Asst FY20Open LInk12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Emergency Services PhysicianNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5Emergency Services PhyOpen LInk12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Equal Opportunity Specialist155 ARW, Lincoln, NESSgt – TSgt155ARW-EOSOpen Link12/31/2022Open LInkAMENDED\Open Until Filled
Physician AssistantNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5PHysician AsstOpen Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Public Affairs Officer (Traditional)JFHQ, Lincoln, NE35P3, O3-O5JFHQ-PAOOpen Link12/31/2022Open Until Filled\Not commissioning opportunity
Residency Trained Flight SurgeonNEANG, Lincoln, NE2d Lt/O-1 to Lt Col/O-5Residency Trained Flt SurgeonOpen LInk12/31/2022Open Until Filled
Civil Engineer Operations Superintendent155th CESMin MSgt/E-7 - Max SMSgt/E-8155-20221129Open Link3/31/2023AFSC Req: 3E0X1, 3E0X2, 3E1X1, 3E2X1, 3E3X1, 3E4X1