Traditional/M-day Positions

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CSM Larry Martin 402-309-8148 402-309-7147​​

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for futher detail.​​​​​​​​​

First Sergeant189th Transportation Company, Norfolk, NESFC(E7) - MSG/1SG(E8)MTC-19-100Open Link3/29/2019
Aircraft Maintenance Officer (Traditional)155 MAINTENANCE GROUP - NEBRASKA2d LT (O-1)-Maj (O-4)155MAINTGP01Open Link5/10/2019NATIONWIDE