Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

Readiness NCO179th Cyber Protection Team, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 – SFC/E7 AGR-AR-20-082Open Link7/6/2020
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC SUPERVISORHastings, NEWS 11NE-10839379-AR-20-115Open Link7/6/2020
BLC – Small Group Leader1st BN, 209th RTI, Camp Ashland, NESGT(P)/E5 – SSG/E6 AGR-AR-20-083Open LInk7/7/2020
INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE TECHNICIANLincoln, NEGS 8NE-10841140-TR-20-017Open Link7/7/2020
AUDITORLincoln, NEGS 9 - 12NE-10826851-TR-20-016Open Link7/8/2020
Readiness NCO43rd Army Band, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 – SSG/E6 AGR-AR-20-084Open Link7/9/2020
HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST (MILITARY)Lincoln, NEGS 9NE-10844545-TR-20-019Open Link7/10/2020
MILITARY & FAMILY READINESS SPECIALISTScottsbluff, NEGS 9NE-10849107-TR-20-020Open Link7/10/2020
MILITARY & FAMILY READINESS SPECIALISTNorfolk, NEGS 9NE-10849112-TR-20-021Open Link7/10/2020
MILITARY & FAMILY READINESS SPECIALISTNorth Platte, NEGS 9NE-10849114-TR-20-022Open Link7/10/2020
2020 NG General Joint Officer Bench Army Nominations04/MAJ-06/COLJOMA2021Open Link7/13/2020
Human Resources Warrant Officer92nd Troop Command, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 – CW3/W3AGR-AR-20-086Open Link7/17/2020
Medical Operations Officer72nd CST, Lincoln, NE2LT/O1 – CPT/O3 AGR-AR-20-085Open Link7/17/2020
Human Resources Technician 420A Warrant Officers PredeterminationSSG/E6 and aboveAGR BranchOpen Link7/24/2020
AIRCRAFT PILOTLincoln, NEGS 12NE-10839374-AR-20-113Open Link8/14/2020Open LinkAMENDED
SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRERNorfolk, NEWG 8NE-10596339-AR-20-001Open Link8/31/2020Open Until Filled
AIRCRAFT ELECTRICIANLincoln, NEWG 8 – 10 NE-10783586-AF-20-042 Open Link9/30/2020Open LinkAMENDED\Open Until Filled
AIRCRAFT ENGINE MECHANICLincoln, NE WG 8 - 10NE-10681341-AF-20-019 Open Link9/30/2020Open LinkOpen Until Filled\AMENDED
AIRCRAFT MECHANICGrand Island, NE WG 10NE-10707222-AR-20-051Open Link9/30/2020Open Until Filled
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