Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICERLincoln, NE - HROGS 14NE-10479260-AR-19-070Open Link5/20/2019
HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICERLincoln, NE - HROGS 14NE-10479258-AF-19-027Open Link5/20/2019
Human Resources OfficerLincoln, NE - HROLt Col/O5  - Col/O6AGR-AF-19-021Open Link5/20/2019
Human Resources OfficerLincoln, NE - HROLTC/O5  - COL/O6AGR-AR-19-034Open Link5/20/2019
Retention Office ManagerJFHQ-A1/Recruiting, Lincoln, NETSgt/E6 - MSgt/E7AGR-AF-19-022Open Link5/20/2019
NGB T10 OTOT JDAL Assignments FY20Various LocationsMAJ(P) - COLNGB T10 OTOT JDAL Assignments FY20Open Link5/21/2019
G1 SGMJFHQ G1, Lincoln, NE 1SG/MSG/E8  - SGM/E9AGR-AR-19-037Open Link5/23/2019
PHYSICIANLINCOLN, NE - 155 MDGGS 12NE-10484356-TF-19-013OPEN LINK5/23/2019
Senior Supply Sergeant72nd CST, Lincoln, NE SSG/E6  - SFC/E7AGR-AR-19-036Open Link5/23/2019
Battalion Operatons SGM402nd MP BN, Omaha, NE1SG/MSG/E8 - SGM/E9AGR-AR-19-032Open Link5/24/2019Open LinkAmended
Administrative Officer734th BSB, Kearney, NECPT/O3  - MAJ/O4AGR-AR-19-038Open Link5/29/2019
Administrative OfficerSORC, Omaha, NECPT/O3  - MAJ/O4AGR-AR-19-039Open Link5/29/2019
AGENCY PROGRAM COORDINATORLincoln, NEGS 7NE-10501936-TR-19-008Open Link5/29/2019
SUPERVISORY SUPPLY TECHNICIANLincoln, NEGS 9NE-10490864-AF-19-030Open Link5/29/2019Open LinkAMENDED
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANICLincoln, NEWG 10NE-10489173-AR-19-075Open Link5/29/2019
ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTLincoln, NEGS 7NE-10506681-TR-19-009Open Link5/31/2019
AIRCRAFT WORKERLincoln, NEWG 5 - 8NE-10432380-AR-19-060Open Link5/31/2019
ELECTRONICS MECHANICLincoln, NEWG 8 - 11NE-10484794-AR-19-072Open Link5/31/2019
ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT TECHNICIAN (OA)Lincoln, NEGS 6NE-10478940-AF-19-026Open Link6/28/2019Open until filled
AIRCRAFT MECHANICGrand Island, NEWG 10 - 12NE-10339008-AR-19-016Open Link6/28/2019Open LinkOpen until filled\AMENDED
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