Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

CBRN NCO72nd CST, Lincoln, NESrA/E4 - SSgt/E5AGR-AF-21-030Open Link9/28/2021
MANAGEMENT ANALYSTLincoln, NEGS 9NE-11140436-AR-21-111Open Link9/28/2021Open LinkCANCELLED
Wing HQ CSS Administration155th ARW, Lincoln, NEPromotable E6/TSgt - E8/SMSgtAGR-AF-21-029Open Link9/28/2021
AIRCRAFT MECHANICLincoln, NE WG 10 - 12 NE-11225642-AR-21-156 Open Link9/29/2021
PARALEGAL SPECIALISTLincoln, NE GS 9 NE-11226174-AR-21-157 Open Link9/29/2021
AIRCRAFT ELECTRICIANLincoln, NEWG 8 - 10-11129865-AF-21-037Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
AIRCRAFT MECHANICGrand Island, NEWG 10 - 12NE-11191717-AR-21-128Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
BLC Small Group Leader1BN, 209th RTI, Camp Ashland, NESGT/E5(P) – SSG/E6FTNGDOS-AR-21-001Open Link9/30/2021Open LinkOpen Until Filled\AMENDED
FINANCIAL SERVICES TECHNICIANLincoln, NEGS 8NE-11119364-TR-21-011Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
IT SPECIALIST (CUSTSPT)Lincoln, NEGS 5 - 9NE-11067581-AR-21-068Open Link9/30/2021Open LinkOpen Until Filled\AMENDED TO 4 VACANCIES
IT SPECIALIST (PLCYPLN)Lincoln, NE GS 7 - 11 NE-11008428-AF-21-022 Open Link9/30/2021Open LinkOpen Until Filled\AMENDED
MACHINISTLincoln, NEWG 5-11NE-11214807-AF-21-048Open Link9/30/2021
Maintenance Support SpecialistCERFP, Mead, NEPFC/E3 – SGT/E5FTNGDOS-AR-21-002Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
MATERIALS HANDLERLincoln, NEWG 6NE-11123024-AR-21-103Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
OPERATIONS & TRAINING SPECIALISTHastings, NEGS 7 - 9NE-11173210-AR-21-122Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
ORDNANCE EQUIPMENT WORKERLincoln, NEWG 6NE-11148787-AF-21-041Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
POWERED SUPPORT SYSTEMS MECHANICLincoln, NEWG 5 - 10NE-11129924-AF-21-038Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
POWERED SUPPORT SYSTEMS MECHANICGrand Island, NEWG 10NE-11193789-AR-21-131Open Link9/30/2021Open LinkAMENDED\Open Until Filled
SECURITY SPECIALISTLincoln, NEGS 9NE-11087908-AR-21-084Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
SHEET METAL MECHANICLincoln, NEWG 5 - 10NE-10926057-AR-21-018Open Link9/30/2021Open Until Filled
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