Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

Career Development NCOIC155th FSS, Lincoln, NEE4/SrA - E8/SMSgtAGR-AF-23-003Open Link11/16/2022Open Until 16 Nov 22
IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC)Lincoln, NEGS 7 - 11NE-11640223-AF-23-014Open Link11/16/2022Open Until 16 Nov 22
PRODUCTION CONTROLLER (CONSTRUCTION)Lincoln, NEGS 9NE-11680014-AF-23-012Open Link11/16/2022Open Until 2 November 2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC INSPECTORHastings, NEWG-11NE-11680070-AR-23-015Open Link11/18/2022Open Until 18 Nov 22
Unit Movement and Sustainment OfficerCERF, Mead, NE1LT/O2 – CPT/O3 or WO1/W1 – CWFTNGDOS-AR-23-005Open Link11/18/2022Open Until 18 Nov 22
Senior Human Resources NCO / Retirement NCOHRO, JFHQ, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 – SFC/E7AGR-AR-23-008Open Link11/22/2022Open Until 22 Nov 22
Education & Incentives ReviewerJFHQ-G1, Lincoln, NESPC/E4 – SGT/E5FTNGDOS-AR-23-006Open Link11/25/2022Open Until 25 Nov 22
Visual Information Equipment Operator209th RTI, Ashland, NEPV1/E1 – SGT/E5FTNGDOS-AR-23-004Open Link11/25/2022Open Until 25 Nov 22
Logistics PlannerNational Airborne Operations Center, Offutt Air Force Base, NEMAJ/O4 – LTC/O5AGR-AR-23-009Open Link11/30/2022Open Until 30 Nov 22
Readiness NCOTraining Center Command, Ashland, NESSG/E6 – SFC/E7AGR-AR-23-007Open Link11/30/2022Open Until 30 Nov 22
Aviation Safety OfficerAASF #2, Grand Island, NECW2/W2 – CW4/W4AGR-AR-23-010Open Link12/1/2022Open until 1 Dec 2022
HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALIST (MILITARY)Lincoln, NebraskaGS-9NE-11735181-TR-23-003Open Link12/1/2022Open Until 1 Dec 2022
Operations NCOCMD Group, JFHQ, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 – SFC/E7AGR-AR-23-011Open Link12/2/2022Open Until 2 Dec 2022
KC-135 Pilot155th Operations Group, Lincoln, NECaptain/O-3 to Major/O-4AGR-AF-23-004Open Link12/4/2022Open Until 10 November 2022
Recruiting & Retention NCORRB, Lincoln, NEMin SPC/E4 - Max SSG/E-6AGR-AR-23-013Open Link12/7/2022
State Training OfficerG3, JFHQ, Lincoln, NELTC/O-5AGR-AR-23-012Open Link12/7/2022
Recruiting & Retention NCORRB, Wayne, NESGT/E5 – SFC/E7AGR-AR-23-015Open Link12/8/2022
CBRN NCO72nd CST, Lincoln, NESPC/E4(P) – SGT/E5AGR-AR-23-016Open Link12/15/2022
Maintenance Support SpecialistCERFP, Mead, NESPC/E4 – SSG/E6FTNGDOS-AR-23-007Open Link12/15/2022
Quality Assurance Specialist155th MXG, Lincoln, NESSgt/E-5 to MSgt/E-7AGR-AF-23-008Open Link12/15/2022Open Until 15 Dec 2022
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