Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

Readiness NCOI Co. (A) 700th BSB, Omaha, NE  SSG/E6 – SFC/E7AGR-AR-21-041Open Link4/9/2021
S1 OfficerRRB, Lincoln, NE  2LT/O1 – 1LT/O2 (Enlisted COE)AGR-AR-21-042Open Link4/9/2021
APMSUNL, Lincoln, NE  CPT/O3 – MAJ/O4AGR-AR-21-043Open Link4/12/2021
PRODUCTION CONTROLLER (AIRCRAFT)Grand Island, NEGS 9NE-11049307-AR-21-061Open Link4/12/2021Open LinkAMENDED
Squadron Commander170th Group, Offutt AFB, NELt Col/O5-Lt Col/O5AGR-AF-21-014Open LInk4/14/2021
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC INSPECTORLincoln, NEWG 11NE-11070822-AR-21-070Open Link4/14/2021
RNCO/First SergeantTroop B, 1-134th CAV, York, NE  SFC/E7 – MSG/1SG/E8AGR-AR-21-044Open Link4/15/2021
Medical Readiness NCO92nd Troop Command, Lincoln, NE  SSG/E6 - SFC/E7 AGR-AR-21-045Open Link4/16/2021
LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT OFFICERLincoln, NEGS 13NE-11077791-AR-21-078Open Link4/19/2021
MEPS Recruiting and Retention AssistantRRB, Omaha, NE  SPC/E4 - SSG/E6 FTNGDOS-AR-21-018Open Link4/19/2021
PRODUCTION CONTROLLERHastings, NE GS 7 NE-11077788-AR-21-077 Open Link4/21/2021
POLICE OFFICERLincoln, NEGS 6NE-11066703-AF-21-028Open Link4/22/2021Open LinkAMENDED
Assistant Operations NCOHHT, 1-134th CAV (IBCT), Yutan , NE  SGT/E5 - SSG/E6 AGR-AR-21-048Open Link4/23/2021
Supply NCO209th RTI, Camp Ashland, NE  SSG/E6 - SFC/E7 AGR-AR-21-047Open Link4/23/2021
DIRECTOR OF PLANS OPERATIONS AND READINESSLincoln, NEGS 14NE-11074707-AF-21-030Open Link4/26/2021
DIRECTOR OF PLANS OPERATIONS AND READINESSLincoln, NEGS 14NE-11074589-AR-21-075Open Link4/26/2021
J3, Director of Plans, Operations and ReadinessJFHQ-NE, Lincoln, NE  LTC(P)/O5 - COL/O6 AGR-AR-21-046Open Link4/26/2021
SUPPLY MANAGEMENT SPECIALIST Lincoln, NEGS 11NE-11070826-AR-21-072Open Link4/26/2021
SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRERMead, NEWG 8NE-11079710-AR-21-080Open Link4/26/2021
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