Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for further detail.​​​​​​​​​​

Human Resource NCOHRO, JFHQ, Lincoln, NESPC/E4 – SGT/E5AGR-AR-22-078Open Link5/20/2022
Operations NCOHSC, 67th MEB, Lincoln, NE SFC/E7 – MSG/1SG/E8AGR-AR-22-079Open Link5/20/2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC INSPECTORHastings, NE WG 11NE-11486437-AR-22-101Open Link5/20/2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC INSPECTORLincoln, NE WG 11NE-11486444-AR-22-102Open Link5/20/2022
IT SPECIALIST (INFOSEC)Lincoln, NE GS 7 - 11NE-11367599-AF-22-026Open Link5/23/2022Open LinkAMENDED
Office TechnicianLincoln NEStateOpen Link5/23/2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRERLincoln, NE WG 5 - 8NE-11376651-AR-22-064Open Link5/23/2022Open LinkAMENDED
SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRERNorth Platte, NE WG 5 - 8NE-11376655-AR-22-065Open Link5/23/2022Open LinkAMENDED
Training NCO267th SMC, Lincoln, NE SGT/E5 – SSG/E6AGR-AR-22-081Open Link5/23/2022
HUMAN RESOURCES SPECIALISTLincoln, NE GS 9NE-11493480-TF-22-007Open Link5/24/2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANICMead, NE WG 5 - 10NE-11432818-AR-22-085Open Link5/24/2022Open LinkAMENDED
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC INSPECTORNorfolk, NE WG 11NE-11412316-AR-22-080Open Link5/25/2022Open LinkAMENDED
Aircrew Flight Equipment155th OSSA1C/E3-MSgt/E7AGR-AF-22-026Open Link5/26/2022
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC Lincoln, NEWG 10NE-11409662-AR-22-077Open Link5/26/2022Open LinkAMENDED
FACILITY OPERATIONS SPECIALISTLincoln, NE GS 11NE-11479792-AR-22-099Open Link5/27/2022
Supply NCOFSC, 128th EN BN, Hastings, NESGT/E5 – SSG/E6AGR-AR-22-082Open Link5/27/2022
Supply NCOHHC, 128th EN BN, Columbus, NESGT/E5 – SSG/E6AGR-AR-22-083Open Link5/27/2022
Supply NCOHHC, 1-376th AVN BN, Grand Island, NESGT/E5 – SSG/E6AGR-AR-22-084Open Link5/27/2022
Supply NCO209th RTI, Ashland, NESPC/E4 – SGT/E5FTNGDOS-AR-22-011Open Link5/27/2022
Training OfficerB Co, 2-135th AVN (GSAB), Grand Island, NECW2/W2 – CW3/W3AGR-AR-22-085Open Link5/27/2022
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