Military ID Cards & Records

If you are looking to obtain your military records, fill out an SF-180 and mail it to NEARNG G1 (address listed below).

To qualify for a Military ID Card a person must:
  • Be a current member of the military service or a dependent of a current member
  • Be a retired military service member (with 20 years of qualifying service either active or reserve status) or a dependent of a retired service member
  • Be 100%  medically retired from military service or a dependent of a medically retired service member
  • Be a qualifying DOD civilian employee
  • Be 100% medically Disabled American Veteran (DAV) or a dependent of  a 100% Disabled American Veteran

To receive an ID card you will be required to have two forms of ID and qualifying supporting documents.  To receive a dependent ID card you will also need supporting documents. 
  • Forms of ID:   Driver’s License, Military ID, Birth Certificate, SSN Card (originals only, no copies)
    Supporting Documents:   DD 214 and /or NGB 22,  Retirement letter/Discharge order,  VA Disability rating (if disabled) Medicare Card
    Supporting Documents for dependent ID card: marriage certificate,  Birth certificate,  SSN card,  Driver’s license, Medicare Card (originals only, no copies)
    If sponsor can’t accompany their dependent to the ID Card Service center a DD Form 1172 must be completed by the sponsor prior to the dependent’s appointment. This form needs to be printed from a DEERS/RAPIDS station.

Please call for appointments:

2433 NW 24th ST
Lincoln, NE 68524
(402) 309-8191
(402) 309-8158
(402) 309-8156

Air Guard (Airbase)
BLDG 600, Room E209
Lincoln, NE 68524
(402) 309-1452

Offutt AFB
105 Washington Sq.
Bellevue, NE 68113
(402) 294-2374

​Spirt of 76 Armory
1776 N. 10th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
(402) 309-7359

209th Regimental Training Institute
220 County RD A BLDG 508
Ashland, NE 68003
(402) 309-7148
(402) 309-7160

Kearney Armory
5710 Airport RD
Kearney, NE 68847
(402) 309-7777 

Website for ID card locations: https://www.dmdc.osd.mil/rsl/appj/site?execution=e1s1  It is recommended that you use your zip code to find the location nearest your home.