Army National Guard


Nebraskans Serving​ Nebraska

When natural disaster strikes, whether it's a ​tornado, flood, fire or blizzard, ​the Governor of Nebraska​ sends their National Guard into action. These Citizen Soldiers become local heroes; saving lives, protecting property, and ​helping communities get back on their feet.

Nebraskans Defending Our Nation

The National Guard plays an important role in the defense of American interests around the world. The Nebraska National Guard receives the same training as the United States Army. Overnight, Nebraska Guard members can be in their uniforms on the way to protect our nation as a part of our Military's Total Force.


The Nebraska Army National Guard

We have over 80 units and detachments throughout the state of Nebraska, stretching east to west from Nebraska City to Scottsbluff and north to south from Wayne to McCook. There are approximately 3,500 Nebraska Army National Guard Soldiers, most of whom serve part-time one weekend a month. These Citizen-Soldiers are parents, brothers, sisters, children, neighbors, friends, and students. Many of them work alongside Nebraskans as business associates, doctors, farmers, firefighters, nurses, technicians, volunteers, and other occupations. Members of the Nebraska Army National Guard have represented our state honorably as they have been deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq, Kuwait, Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, El Salvador, Honduras, and many other countries, while additionally serving stateside to protect our communities from floods, fires, tornadoes and any other threats concerning homeland security. These Guardsmen and women have joined for many reasons including service to country and community, adventure, training, and education assistance. We encourage those who desire to participate in these things to take the challenge, and become a teammate amongst the many serving in the Nebraska Army National Guard.


Job Opportunities & Pay


- All individuals who enlist in any branch of the military incur an obligation of 8 years. The applicant may then choose how long he/she would like to be in a drilling status, at a minimum of 3 years or up to 8 years. To receive most benefits, they must select a drilling status for 6 years. At the end of the 6 years, or however long they choose, they would have the option to reenlist or serve out the remainder of their time in an inactive status.


- The Initial Active Duty Training (IADT) Guard Members are required to attend will be a minimum of 10 weeks to complete Army Basic Training and an average of 15 weeks to complete their job training: Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The length of training depends on the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) they select. For example, the training required for a 91A, Biomedical Equipment Specialist is 41 weeks long where as a 88M, Motor Transportation Operator is only seven weeks long. The location of the training will vary depending on the MOS they select. The most common places our Soldiers go for training is Ft. Leonard Wood (Missouri) or Ft. Jackson (South Carolina). Prior to a Soldier enlisting, he/she will know the dates and location of their IADT.​


- Normally all new Soldiers will enlist as a Private E-1. There are ways to enlist at a higher rank. If they already have college education, or have participated in Junior ROTC, or they are an Eagle Scout, or they achieve passing scores in the Stripes for Skills program, or they refer a friend for enlistment (Stripes for Buddies) they may qualify as a higher rank. The amount of money they will be paid varies, depending on their rank. The pay for a weekend drill will start out anywhere between $188 and $266 per month. The pay for their Initial Active Duty Training (IADT) will vary anywhere between $1,416 and $1,999 per month.
-FY21 Pay Charts

​​ ​​


Federal Tuition Assistance:
  • Up to $250 per credit hour, capped at 16 semester hours per year fiscal year.
  • Any accredited college or university.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Tuition Assistance Programs.
State Tuition Assistance
  • 75% of UNL's undergraduate rate ($216.00 x .75 = $162.00 per credit hour).
  • All accredited Nebraska State supported schools and select private schools are included in State TA.
  • Listing of all accredited schools.
Select Reserve Montgomery G.I. Bill
  • 36 college months of eligibility for full-time students.
  • Must contract for 6 x 2 enlistment option.
  • Can be used in conjunction with Tuition Assistance Programs.
Montgomery G.I. Bill Kicker
  • 36 college months of eligibility for full-time students.
  • Only selected jobs qualify. (See recruiter)
Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) through ROTC
  • Earn a Bachelor's Degree while being a member of the NE Guard and training to become an officer with ROTC.
  • Can participate during freshman year, but cannot contract until sophomore year.
Complete medical coverage when you are in a training status with the National Guard
  • Dental coverage for a small monthly fee.
  • TRICARE Select Reserve health insurance.​
  • $51.68 Single
  • $204.29 Family
Long-Term Planning
  • VA home loans after 6 years of honorable service.
  • Retirement benefits after 20 years of part-time service.
  • Life insurance up to $400,000 for a monthly fee.
  • Increased marketability for civilian employment.
Additional Benifits
  • No Cost / Low Cost Travel.
  • Space available (Space-A).
  • Lodging at active duty posts and military recreation areas at below commercial rates.
  • Military discounts at many businesses.
  • Tax free shopping privileges at military installations.
  • Use of military morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) facilities.