Traditional/M-day Positions

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CSM Larry Martin 402-309-8148 402-309-7147​​

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for futher detail.​​​​​​​​​

Flight EngineerB CO 2-135 AVN REG, Grand Island, NEE5/ SGT - E6/ SSG17-NGDG2-30208Open Link1/28/2018
AMMO STK CON/ACCTG SGTA CO 734th BSB, Kearney, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E517-PEMA0-2053Open Link1/31/2018
ARMT MAINT SGTMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESSG/E6-SFC/E717-PDYAA-1391Open Link1/31/2018
Dental NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG- E7/SFC17-TXKAA-1192Open Link1/31/2018
FIRE SUPPORT NCOMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESSG/E6-SFC/E717-PDYAA-1151Open Link1/31/2018
IMAGERY ANALYSTMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESPC/E4-SGT/E517-PDYAA-1302Open Link1/31/2018
MAT CON/ACCTG NCOA CO 734th BSB, Kearney, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E517-PEMA0-2043Open Link1/31/2018
MAT CON/ACCTG NCODET 1 A CO 734th BSB, O'Neill, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E517-PEMA1-2044Open Link1/31/2018
OPERATIONS SERGEANTMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESSG/E6-SFC/E717-PDYAA-1102Open Link1/31/2018
OPS NCOHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE7/SFC- E8/MSG17-TXKAA-1032Open Link1/31/2018
Plans SGTHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NEE6/SSG- E7/SFC17-TXKAA-1151Open Link1/31/2018
SR INTEL SERGEANTMCPOD (1ID), Lincoln, NESGT/E5-SFC/E717-PDYAA-1232Open Link1/31/2018
WATER TRMT NCOA CO 734th BSB, Kearney, NEPFC/E3-SGT/E517-PEMA0-2083Open Link1/31/2018
PLT SGT267TH SMC, Lincoln, NESGT/E5-SFC/E718-PSGAA-1102Open Link2/15/2018
A2C2 SERGEANTHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5-SFC/E717-P4MAA-1074Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
ASST OPERATIONS SGTHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E717-P4MAA-1162Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
CBRN NCOHHC, 734TH BSB, Kearney, NESPC/E4 - SSG/E617-PEMT0-1036Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
CBRN NCOTROOP A 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Hastings, NESPC/E4 - SGT/E517-PZDA0-2017Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
CBRN STAFF NCOHHC, 128TH EN BN, Columbus, NESGT/E5-SFC/E717-P3ZT0-1044Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
CBRN STAFF NCOHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E717-P4MAA-1155Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
CULINARY NCO1057TH MILITARY POLICE CO, Chadron, NESPC/E4 - SGT/E517-PG6AA-10110Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
ELECTRO SPECTRUM NCOHHT 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESPC/E4 - SSG/E617-PZDT0-1093Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
EW SERGEANTHHC, 67TH MEB, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SFC/E717-P4MAA-1175Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
EW SERGEANTHHT 1-134 CAV (IBCT), Yutan, NESPC/E4 - SGT/E517-PZDT0-1042Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
First SergeantMCP-OD, Lincoln, NESFC (E7) - MSG/1SG (E8)PDY-17-100Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
First Sergeant195th SP OPS FSC, Omaha, NESFC (E7) - MSG/1SG (E8)P3W-17-100Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
First Sergeant313th Med Co (GA), Lincoln, NESFC (E7) - MSG/1SG (E8)MMC-17-100Open Link9/30/2018OPEN UNTIL FILLED
Inspector‐Tester195th QM DET, Yutan, NESPC (E4) ‐ SGT (E5)17-PAGAA-1014Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
MORTUARY AFFAIRS SGTHHC, 734TH BSB, Kearney, NESPC/E4 - SGT/E517-PEMT0-10814Open Link9/30/2018Open until Filled
OPERATIONS SERGEANTHHC, 67TH MANEUVER ENHANCE BDE, Lincoln, NESSG/E6-MSG/E817-P4MAA-1154Open Link9/30/2018Open Until Filled
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