Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for futher detail.​​​​​​​​​​

Senior SGL - BLC1st BN 209th RTI, Camp Ashland, NESSG/E6(P) - SFC/E7AGR-AR-17-041Open Link3/22/2017
Human Resources Specialist (Military) Lincoln, NE GS-0201-07/09NEAR-17-060Open Link3/28/2017
Maintenance Test PilotAASF 1, Lincoln, NECW2-CW3FTNGDOS-AR-17-039Open Link3/28/2017
COST ACCOUNTANTLincoln, NE GS-0510-09/11NEAR-17-057Open Link3/30/2017View Amendment
Electronic Integrated Systems Mechanic Supervisor Lincoln, NE WS-2610-12/12NEAF-17-027Open Link3/30/2017
Counterdrug Aviation Crew ChiefLincoln, NESGT/E5 - SSG/E6FTNGDCD-AR-17-002Open Link3/31/2017Open Until Filled (NTE 30 Sep 17)
Counterdrug Criminal AnalystVarious LocationsSPC/E4 - SSG/E6FTNGDCD-AR-17-006Open Link3/31/2017Open Until Filled (NTE 30 Sep 17)
Counterdrug Criminal Analyst Various LocationsAmn/E2 - SrA/E4FTNGDCD-AF-17-001Open Link3/31/2017Open Until Filled (NTE 30 Sep 17)
Counterdrug Ground Reconnaissance Team Member Various LocationsSPC/E4 - SSG/E6FTNGDCD-AR-17-004Open Link3/31/2017Open Until Filled (NTE 30 Sep 17)
Counterdrug Spanish Linguist SupportVarious LocationsSPC/E4 - SSG/E6FTNGDCD-AR-17-005Open Link3/31/2017Open LinkOpen Until Filled (NTE 30 Sep 17) 3 Positions
Operations Sergeant MajorHHD, 110th MMB, Lincoln, NE1SG/MSG/E8-CSM/SGM/E9AGR-AR-17-042Open Link3/31/2017
Assistant MOB NCOJFHQ-G3, Lincoln, NESGT/E5 - SSG/E6FTNGDOS-AR-17-041Open Link4/5/2017
Special Projects OfficerAASF 1, Lincoln, NE2LT/O1 - CPT/O3FTNGDOS-AR-17-042Open Link4/5/2017
Motor Vehicle Operator Lincoln, NE WG-5703-06/08NEAF-17-028Open Link4/12/2017
Recruiting Officer/Assistant Professor Military ScienceKearney, NE 2LT/O1 - 1LT/O2FTNGDOS-AR-17-040Open Link4/14/2017
Information Resources SpecialistLincoln, NEGS-0301-7-9NEAF-17-022Open Link4/16/2017Open LinkConcurrent AGR Announcement AGR-AF-17-005 AMENDED
Joint Officer Management ProgramVariesO5-O6Title 10 OTOTOpen Link4/17/2017
Information Resources Specialist155th Communications Flight, Lincoln, NESrA/E4 (Promotable) - MSgt/E7AGR-AF-17-005Open Link4/21/2017Open LinkConcurrent Tech Announcement NEAF-17-022 AMENDED
Environmental EngineerLincoln, NEGS-0819-12NEAF-17-026Open Link6/30/2017First cutoff is 14 MAR 17
Aircraft Survival Flight Equipment Repairer Lincoln, NEWG-4818-5-8-10NEAF-17-023Open Link9/29/2017Open until filled
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