Full Time Positions

Military Technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGR) S​oldiers are ineligible for enlistment, retention, and student loan repayment bonuses. Acceptance of a Technician or AGR position will terminate these incentives with possible recoupment of amounts previously paid. Contact your military personnel office for futher detail.​​​​​​​​​​

PUBLIC AFFAIRS SPECIALIST Lincoln, NEGS-9/11NE-10045165-AR-17-110 Open Link9/19/2017
Operations NCO/S3128th Engineer Battalion, Columbus, NESGT/E5 - SSG/E6AGR-AR-17-084Open Link9/20/2017
Readiness NCOHHC 67th MEB, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 - SFC/E7AGR-AR-17-083Open Link9/20/2017
Aircraft Maintenance Coordinator155th MXG, Lincoln, NEMSgt/E-7 - SMSgt/E-8.AGR-AF-17-017Open Link9/22/2017Current UMD supports a max rank of E7
Command Post Specialist155th ARW/CP, Lincoln, NEMSgt/E-7 - CMSgt/E-9AGR-AF-17-019Open Link9/22/2017Current UMD supports a max rank of E7
Command Post Specialist155th ARW/CP, Lincoln, NEMSgt/E-7 -SMSgt/E-8AGR-AF-17-018Open Link9/22/2017Current UMD supports a max rank of E7
ELECTRONIC INTEGRATED SYSTEMS MECHANIC Lincoln, NEWG-13/12NE-10046961-AF-17-068 Open Link9/25/2017
Admin NCOG Co. 2-104th GSAB, Lincoln, NESPC/E4 - SGT/E5AGR-AR-17-085Open Link9/28/2017
SUPPLY TECHNICIAN Lincoln, NEGS-2005-07/6/5NE-10032448-AF-17-057Open Link9/29/2017
SUPPLY TECHNICIAN Lincoln, NEGS-2005-07/6/5NE-10032301-AF-17-056 Open Link9/29/2017
MED Board NCONE Medical Detachment, Lincoln, NEE4/SPC - E6/SSGFTNGDOS-AR-17-056Open Link9/30/2017Projected duty dates are 15 Oct 17 – 30 Sep 18
SUPPLY TECHNICIANLincoln, NEGS-7NE-10047026-AR-17-111Open Link10/3/2017
OPERATIONS & TRAINING SPECIALISTHastings, NEGS-9/7NE-10051797-AR-17-115Open Link10/4/2017
PRODUCTION CONTROLLER Lincoln, NEGS-1152-07NE-10051721-AR-17-114 Open Link10/4/2017
Senior Logistics NCOJFHQ-G4, Lincoln, NEMSG/1SG/E8-SGM/CSM/E9AGR-AR-17-086Open Link10/4/2017*Promotion based on availability of E9 controlled
SURFACE MAINTENANCE MECHANIC LEADER Lincoln, NEWL-5801-10NE-10051430-AR-17-113 Open Link10/4/2017
SURFACE MAINTENANCE REPAIRERLincoln, NEWG-5801098NE-10051613-AR-17-112 Open Link10/4/2017
Unit Supply SGTE Co. 1-134th INF, Yutan, NE SGT/E5 - SSG/E6AGR-AR-17-087Open Link10/5/2017
Recruiting and Retention Assistant (multiple positions)Various Locations within Recruiting CommandSPC/E4 – SSG/E6FTNGDOS-AR-18-001Open Link10/6/2017Projected duty start date is 15 October 2017
Senior Recruiting & Retention NCORecruiting & Retention BN, Lincoln, NESSG/E6 - SFC/E7AGR-AR-17-088Open Link10/20/2017
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