Family Readiness Support Assistants

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1-800-432-6778 (Option 7)

The FRSAs assist commanders in their responsibilities to support Soldiers and Family readiness, and provide mentorship and training for Family Readiness Group Leaders. FRSAs provide the command team with "continuum of care” for readiness, coordinating the various resources and training available, so commands, FRGs and ultimately Soldiers and families are as ready as possible for the military life.​

Mr. Dan Paxton

Mr. Dan Paxton
FRSA for the 67th Movement Enhancement Brigade (MEB)
Work: (402) 309-7327


Currently Vacant
FRSA for 92nd Troop Command
Work: (402) 309-7427

Kim Photo.jpg
  Mrs. Kimberly Ostermeyer 
Family Readiness Support Services Trainer NE/KS
                                                                                                       Work: (402) 309-7328            
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The FRG is a command sponsored group of Soldiers (married and single), their Families (immediate and extended), volunteers, and community members. Together they provide mutual support, assistance, and communications among family members, the chain of command and community resources.
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